Data – simplified.

Machine-generated data will account for over 40% of Internet data in 2020.

Data RefiningĀ 

The first and greatest challenge in transforming core data into assets is the actual gathering of all your data from a multitude of sources into one coherent database. The next challenge is deriving actionable insights from that data, which requires substantial time and effort. Our fully automated Data Refinery makes it easy to mine insights and unlock the value of your data, giving you more power in less time to uncover visualizations and KPIs that can be applied across your organization. The direct benefit of this is a significant reduction in the cost, time-to-insight, and risk of processing large volumes of structured and unstructured information, ultimately giving you data that works for you.

Data Valuation

Even after data is aggregated, it can still cost tens of thousands of dollars to determine if itā€™s worth keeping. Businesses across the globe are facing a data deluge – itā€™s cropping up in every industry, on a gargantuan scale, and in far greater quantities than ever before.

There will be more than 34 billion smart devices online by 2025.

Data valuation is a complex process that our algorithms can simplify. We can process and assign value to personal and professional information, as well as data related to equipment, intellectual property, and all manner of intangible assets. The complexity of data valuation depends on the type of data to be valued and how a given set of data is classified. When we value your data, you will know exactly what information is contained within it and what opportunities lie beyond it. Thus, data is transformed into a strategic asset to boost your revenue stream.

Screen capture showing data monetization screen

Data Monetization

Information is intrinsically valuable, but you must discover the actual monetary value attached to the data that your business creates. Our algorithms assign your data a value that is accurate and tradable for your profit. We help you generate a new revenue stream, using the data you already possess.

Screen capture showing data capture screen

Data Exchange

Yet another hurdle businesses must cross in their data management workflow is security, transparency and reporting requirements to meet global data compliance regulations. Data protection and transfer regulations are constantly updated and organizations must streamline their processes to ensure theyā€™re handling information efficiently and avoiding unnecessary penalties.

Our Data ExchangeTM platform is the complete toolkit to alleviate this pain point. This multifunctional, patented, data exchange platform empowers users with the knowledge they need to trade any kind of data within a safe environment. And, every participant in this process is aware of the real value of their information, facilitating fairness and transparency. DatavaultĀ® encrypts, secures, and exchanges your data in real-time and uses blockchain technology to preserve its integrity while trading on the Global Commodity Data Exchange.

Screen capture showing data objectification screen

Data Objectification

To secure and optimize your data, we replace every sensitive element with a token ā€” a non-sensitive equivalent that cannot be altered or exploited in case of a data breach. The token system reduces the risk involved with data management while maintaining the intrinsic value of your data. Even though the various data marketplaces have different tokens with non-standard values, DatavaultĀ® standardizes pricing by making every token and data type interchangeable with any other, regardless of its source. DatavaultĀ® randomly generates a token value in a secure format. Now, your data can be portable across applications, and you can pay for the amount you use – no matter what price – in a standardized currency!

ADIOā„¢ Technology

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