A platform to manage and monetize your data

Datavault® empowers your business to find the real value of data you already own while maintaining its security and privacy. Our patented technology provides you with a high-end data management system for data asset transformation and monetization through our intuitive and customizable dashboard. Datavault®'s AI-powered system enables you to analyze, classify, structure, and organize your data assets in a secure environment while helping you create actionable insights out of the unstructured data.

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Secure and maximize the value of data you already own into a tradable asset

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Seamlessly and transparently transact with Datavault's® patented data exchange

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Choose the combination of data-points to offer based on real-time market conditions

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Be automatically matched with those who’d find your data the most valuable anywhere in the world

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November 9, 2022
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October 31, 2022
Datavault® Launches Branded Degree and Utility Tokens for Colleges & Universities Worldwide
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October 12, 2022
AI and Crypto-Enabled Digital Exchange Platform for Emerging Artists to be Launched Under Brand Name ’1571′
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Yogi Berra Estate Selects Data Vault Holdings
August 25, 2022
Datavault® Technology Enables Red Eight Gallery's Banksy Exhibit
Transform data management challenges into opportunities.

By connecting all the devices, people and processes, we have created a platform through which businesses can leverage their data to create amazing experiences for their customers and improve internal operations. We can help you get your precious data assets wherever they’re hosted, organized, or stored.

We enable you to monetize and maximize the value of data you already own in an automated way that is both simple yet robustly customizable. Datavault® is the only solution providing real-time valuation of datasets, and giving valuable insights through unique correlations, and allowing for their exchange and speculation.

We’re building the infrastructure and marketplace of the global data-driven economy.

We alone can provide you with real-time valuation of your datasets, and allow for their exchange and speculation.

Datavault® employs patented analytics technology to give data custodians complete access to the information economy. We automatically mine your organization’s data, assign value to it and monetize it across the world.

Data-Driven Economy

A wealth of unused and underused data lays wasted in silos. This is data captured automatically from a wide net that every company owns, but few efficiently manage or monetize. We call this derivative data.

Patented Technology

We give data custodians access to the global data-driven economy by securing your derivative data into an asset. Datavault®’s patented technology automates the secure collection and standardization of all types and formats of your derivative data into accessible, indexed, and customizable units to be monetized and traded on our proprietary Information Data Exchange®.

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