Get the answers to your questions about Datavault®

What is Datavault®?

Datavault® is a cloud-based data analytics enterprise solution that greatly streamlines the warehousing, analyzing and monetizing of information.

Why use Datavault®?

Enterprises that require data warehousing solutions will find Datavault® essential in their operations. This unmatched technology can help them scale their marketing needs and take full advantage of data monetization opportunities.

What is the importance of Datavault®?

The Datavault solution provides your organization with competitive advantages in these 3 critical areas:

Do I need to turn over my data to Datavault®?

No, our systems create a secure refinery where data is analyzed and processed. Our refinery systems are fully automated and customized to your network, hosting, and security. All data is converted into secure data tokens that you store, control, and manage.

How does the encrypted token work to enable the selling of my data on the exchange platform?

Datavault® uses blockchain technology — a tokenization process that stores valuation and other metadata along with an encrypted key that allows for secure access. By tokenizing data into traceable objects, Datavault® makes it possible to buy, sell, and trade derivative data on our securitized, blockchain-powered exchange.

How does Datavault® value data?

Our data valuation engine assigns value for data based on rates established in real-time by market exchanges worldwide. When proprietary data is introduced, our system refines the data according to market rates, but you, the data owner, set the price. As data transact on the exchange, its monetary value is established through up-to-the-moment market activity.

How does my company list data for sale on the Datavault Exchange®?

Any authorized token can be assigned a Data Exchange ticker — a unique symbol with 1-4 characters listed to our patented exchange platform. These tokens are then listed to the exchange and are delivered to the purchaser upon their sale.

Is Datavault® scalable to work with big data?

Our architecture is highly versatile and engineered specifically to deliver efficiency at any scale. Some users are running multi-petabyte implementations through Datavault® .

What are the benefits of Datavault® in digital transformation?
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Delivers a complete state-of-the-art suite of tools to support data services such as modeling and analysis needed by a digital transformation program.

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Derive more value from your data and generate remarkable productivity in your business processes.

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Puts data-driven decision-making and data science at the front and center of decision making processes, and can be the key to new, innovative business models.

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Contributes to organizational agility, improving the speed at which the business can learn about and exploit opportunities or counter threats.

Do I need to store my data on the cloud?

Data warehousing is a critical operation for your firm. Cloud technology offers seamless accessibility, data screening, analytics, and valuation on an easily accessible platform with an intuitive interface that lowers your operation costs and streamlines your workflow. If necessary, we offer solutions for cloud migration for our platform to run smoothly for your business.

What tools or technologies do I need to use Datavault®?

Datavault® does not require specific technologies to run. It seamlessly integrates with your current tools and provides you with secure cloud technology for all your data assets.

What is the data limit for Datavault®?

Datavault ® integration is a scalable project. There is no need for remodeling or re-engineering after deployment – no matter how huge your database grows.

Can I migrate my projects from other warehousing architectures?

Yes. Moving from Kimball or Inmon is possible. However, the speed will depend on your data structure, size, and features you are using. You can slowly build into Datavault®.