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About Us

Put Our Data to Work

Datavault® is a first-to-market cloud-based service that transforms data acquisition methods, analysis, refinery, and deployment. This disruptive technology, coupled with our team’s decades of experience in enterprise solutions and digital security, helps clients extract the maximum potential from their data.

Award Winning Data Analytics Tools for Your Unique Business needs

Our previous work earned technology, communication, and marketing industry awards and our founders have also acquired patents for their inventions. 

our values

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We give you reliable and tested data that enables you to build trust with clients, business partners and colleagues.

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We provide clear information about how we collect and validate data to inspire confidence in our solutions.

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We continuously invest in our AI data technologies to create high quality products that deliver results for our clients.


Our mission is to unlock value. Datavault® empowers you to create value for your derivative data, helping you drive your business operations forward and giving you a competitive edge. Even if your company already makes some use of your data, our comprehensive suite of award-winning data management tools will help you extract greater revenue. Our clients get an entirely automated process for expert data mining, as well as valuation and monetization services to connect to the global data marketplace.

The Datavault® Advantage

Datavault® powers your business intelligence through:

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Our tools help you identify market opportunities and execute your business strategies effectively.

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We give you the data you need to meet regulations and compliance, manage your risk, and measure your performance in real time.

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Our patented technologies connect your business to the market seamlessly, making data management a breeze.



Datavault®  serves clients at every stage of their digital asset creation process. This includes customized database creation, curation and management; as well as cloud migration, intelligent analysis, valuation and trading. We can accommodate every data need, from how it is accessed and used, to what insights are derived from it.


Our track record speaks for itself: we deliver results with integrity, professionalism, and empathy. Our dedicated customer service team provides 24/7 support to inspire your confidence and facilitate your needs.

Customized & Compliant

As a leading provider in customized data solutions with decades of experience within the industry, we pride ourselves in building unique, tailored solutions in line with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) standards. Our services and solutions are tailored to each client’s needs and are designed to enhance best practices around data. Our aim is simple – to become the “go-to” trusted partner for every organization in need of data solutions.

Data Intelligence

Maximize the value of your data through:

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Pre-configured modules tailored for start-ups with small experienced teams

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Reduced delivery times and maintenance costs through automation and minimizing your code base

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Utilizing modern data analytics tools for substantial productivity increases

What You Stand to Gain

Datavault® helps clients monetize their data and maximize its value. We use pre-configured, customizable modules for businesses of any size from start-ups to multinational corporations. Datavault®’s powerful automation combined with code base reduction decreases your delivery times and lowers your maintenance costs, while our modern data analytics tools increase your productivity.

With Datavault® you can:

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Quickly identify emerging opportunities with real-time business insights and get ahead of the competition.

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Discover industry trends through high quality data and make smarter, better-informed decisions.

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Remove long-standing data problems for everyone by creating structures for cooperation and resolution.

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Generate meaningful business intelligence and insights while reducing your data management costs.

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Uncover patterns in your data to aid your decision making while helping you to identify, manage, and monetize your data.

The Datavault® Difference

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Deeper insights into your data

With access to all your business and customer data at your fingertips, you will improve your marketing strategies and boost the functionality of your products and applications.

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Passionate Team

Our experts have a formidable range of expertise from traditional marketing to bleeding-edge tech, and we collaborate with clients to exceed their expectations.

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Patented innovations

Our solutions integrate into businesses of all types and sizes and help them value and monetize their data in real-time.